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About Guru Ji

Gorakshtilla is one of prominent place of worship for NAV NATH SAMPRADAAY. It is situated at hanumangarh district of rajasthan state. Gorakshtilla is a Hindu monastic group in the Nath tradition. The Nath tradition was founded by Matsyendranath. The name Gorakhnath derives from the medieval saint, Gorakshanath (ca. 11th c.), a famous yogi who travelled widely across India and authored a number of texts that form part of the canon of the Nath sampradaya (community).Guru Gorakhnath is the incarnation of lord Shiva. He was also known as Shiva Gorakshya. He was the Yoga form of Lord Shiva. Yoga is supreme power which stablizes s the universe and which is itself the whole universe. Gorakh Nath was also Known as Gorakshya Nath. He was the Yoga power of Lord Shiva, who himself is the whole universe. There are many meanings for the name. First let's separate the name into smaller parts Go + Rakshya = Gorakshya The meaning of Go are Cow, Earth (or universe) or the Indriya (Through which person interacts with the outer world also moha or attachment). The meaning of Rakshya is to protect.

The combined meaning becomes as such -

" The one who protects us from the un-escapable net of moha by protecting the indriyas. When all the individual are protected from misutilizing their bodies, which develops the mind so much that we become able to know all the things in the universe, then the universe is protected as a whole "

The 'Gorakshtilla' takes its name and fame from renowned, ascetic 'Gorakshnath', who was an eminent profounder saint of 'Nath Sampradaya'. A famous shrine 'Gorakshtilla' was built in his honour on the same spot where he practised austerities. Although there are no historical records to prove the time period when Gorakhnath ji practised his austerities at gorakshtilla but according to Mahnat Shri Rupnath ji and local historians, Guru Gorakhnath ji along with his 1400 disciples lived at gorakshtilla for many years and practised austerities and yoga. Today's Gorakshtilla, centered at hanuman district in Rajasthan (also eponymous from the saint), is a religious institution that runs many temples within their premises. The temple at Gorakshtilla is said to contain the samadhi shrine (tomb) and gaddi (prayer seat) of Gorakshanath. These temples constitute the centre of most of the Hindu religious activity in this region.Thousands of devotees throng these temples on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, Guru Purnima. Many VIPs and prominent people of stat also visits one of these temples during this festival. Gorakshtilla has a significant following in Rajasthan and the Haryana, and also among wider circles across the Nath groups. The monastic order, according to the principles of the saint Gorakhnath, does not follow caste conventions as in other Hindu religious groups. Thus, non-Brahmins may serve as priests. The present Mahant or chief priest is Mahant Shri Rupnath Ji who established himself as hero of Hindu renaissance. It is widely believed that those who chant ShriGorakhnath Chalisa 12 times they are blessed with a miracle jyoti.


On 11th January 1964, the child Rupnath Ji was born into a righteous and devout religious family. His birthplace in village of Kathelpura, district Jhunjunu ( Rajasthan ). From childhood, the child evinced an intense spiritual thirst and had extraordinary devotion towards the spiritual aspect of life. Born with the blessings of his Guru Shri Dhayan Nath ji and Dada Guru Mishri Nath Ji, Shri Rupnath Ji with happiness and contentment enjoyed his childhood.

In his early childhood, his father recounted stories of Gorakshnath, which made a deep impression upon the young boy. His childhood name was ' Rupram ' which was later changed to ' Rupnath ' in a Naamkaran Sanskar done by his Holy Dada Guru Shri Mishri Nath Ji

Although he went to school, and excelled in his studies, his attraction was only for the spiritualism. It was there that he heard stories and legends recounted by Holy Dada Guru Shri Mishri Nath Ji, who saw in the young boy a great soul. Even from a young age, his compassion was great and he was a soft hearted human being.
At about 3 years of age, Rupnath Ji had his initial spiritual awakening when his father shri shravan kumar ji directed him to serve Gorakshtilla.Spiritually reallized from a very young age he cast away his family ties it was this awakening that began to open his heart to compassion towards all.

At about 5 years of age, moved by an intense impulse to search for God, and guided by an extraordinary spiritual power, Rupnath Ji started serving at Gorakshtilla with great compassion and love.From a very small age to present time, Rupnath Ji has healed and transformed many individuals, families and guided them to path of karma and success. In 1974 Shri Rupnath Ji received his ' Karn Chedan ' diksha from his Holy Guru Shri Dhayan Nath Ji and Dada Guru Shri Mishri Nath Ji. Shri Rupnathji broods over the infant humanities from eternity to eternity. His spiritual stature is inconceivable. He is the great sacrifice who in a countless supernovae explosion infused every atom of creation with his spirit of livingness, wisdom and truth to redeem not only humankind but also life and matter to their pristine state of conciousness In present time, all the processes of infrastructure and arrangements at Gorakshtilla are growing up and being monitored successfully by Shri Rupnathji. He is an compassionate Lord of irradiant splendor who manifest for humanity. He guards, guides and enlightens their consciousness as per their evolutionary blueprint.

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